Mancuso Shows 2020

Amazing Grace by Dena Brannen

Betty White: A Television Legend by Birgit Ruotsala

Bobbi Gibb by Mary Ellen Simmons

Brave Betty by Janet Marney

Eppie Lederer–Wake up and Smell the Coffee by Sally Maxwell

Field of Hope by Sarah Entsminger

Final Flight by Linda MacDonald

Fly, Wally, Fly by Gay Young

Frida Kahlo by Marisela Rumberg

Golda. Leader of Men by Phyllis Cullen

Good Climbing by Sue Rook Nichols

Hedy Lamarr by Kerry Faraone

Her Majesty by Susan Auden Wood

Humor Has It by Denise Currier

I Will Be a Hummingbird by Lisa Arthaud

Injection Site by Colleen Ansbaugh

It All Started on a Bus by Carole Nicholas

Jackie by Susan Lenz

Jane Goodall by Kaylea Daubenspeck

Julia by Kathie Briggs

Kate Sheppard by Claire Passmore

Las Sinsombrero by Marisa Márquez

Madame Speaker by Shana Spiegel

Malala Yousafzai by Nicki Allen

Margaret Thatcher by Jennifer O’Brien

Maria Goeppert-Mayer by Tanya Brown

Mary Blair by Tanya Brown

Mary Oliver: Poetic Inspirations by Barbara Dove

Misty in the Making by Nneka Gamble

Nina: A Theme with Variations by Sherri Culver

Pat Head Summitt by Ellen Icochea

River of Grass by Polly Davis

Ruby Bridges, Age 6, 1960 by Willa Downes

She is King by Karla Vernon

Simone de Beauvoir by Yolanda Fundora

Sojourner Truth by Carol Vinick

Texas Governor Ann Richards by Teresa Bristow

The Brilliant Creation of J.K. Rowling by Rosanne Williamson

The Mind of Agatha Christie by Joanne Bast

The Women in Military Service for America and General Wilma L. Vaught, Retired by Starla Phelps