Fly Me to the Moon – Artist of the Week: Bobbe Nolan

best+bobbe+in+studioBobbe Nolan of Houston, Texas is a retired hospice nurse with a law degree. She has been sewing since age 9 and quilting since about 1990.  Bobbe has lived in 11 states and visited most of the others. She now shares a  home with her sister in a tiny town west of Houston, two blocks from her son’s house.  Recently she has traveled to Oaxaca, India with her granddaughter and Dordogne in France to see the painted caves.

When asked to describe her work, Bobbe says:

Much of my delight in fiber art comes from the materials.  I don’t start with a grand vision, but rather with a stack of fiber which seems to coalesce into an idea, which then becomes an art piece.  I favor  prominent hand stitching supported by machine work, natural dyes (bois d’arc, indigo, madder, cutch, walnut hulls, rust, kakishibu, cochineal) and fabric paints on repurposed cotton and linen, and often use photo transfers, beads, stones and found objects in my work.  Every piece has a story, revealed as I work on the art and usually printed on a label on the back. You could describe my work as semi-abstract, symbolic, extemporaneous and evocative.

Below you can enjoy Bobbe’s work: This Blue Chair and Deep Calls to Deep. To view more of Bobbe’s work, visit her website:

This+Blue+Chair+#10+(Lava+Falls,+Grand+Canyon) DeepcallsdeepFull


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  1. Carol Pleasants Pool August 7, 2015 at 6:49 pm Permalink

    Hi Bobbe! You should do one that represents all the swimmers from the neighborhood when we were kids!! Your work is totally amazing!!